Participants of the LTT in Vicenza showing their certificate

Between March 6 and 8, our learning, teaching and training activity in the framework of the ShapeMS project took place in Vicenza (Italy).

During these 3 days, we were able to share our educational materials aimed at improving the employability of people with multiple sclerosis, involving employers from the different countries participating in the project to shape a better future.

Participants from Cyprus, Italy, Spain, Turkey, and Austria shared their knowledge, experiences, and views. Thanks to this we will be able to deliver the final and improved version of the modules we have worked on before the piloting starts.

The first day started with a presentation of both the project and the participants, followed by a workshop on inclusiveness and the challenges that employees with MS face in different countries. This was followed by a presentation of the curriculum for employers and the project platform. On the second and third day, the different modules were introduced in more depth through different activities.

In addition, we also held a transnational ShapeMS meeting to evaluate the work done so far and to define the necessary steps for the next phase of the project. That is, LTT1 was evaluated, the upcoming LTT2 in Cyprus was discussed, the various results of the project and their status were reviewed, and the dissemination and sustainability of ShapeMS was analysed.

After these days of shared work, we can anticipate that the ShapeMS project is on the right track and is progressively meeting the objectives set in its aim to improve the employability of people with multiple sclerosis.

Participants of the LTT in Vicenza showing their certificate



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