On November 29, our Austrian partner KI-I held a multiplier event for ShapeMS in Linz.

On this occasion, the event focused on what has been done so far in the first year of the project, with special emphasis on the ShapeMS platform – developed by KI-I – and its content, especially aimed at employers and mentors, which will be available soon.

Considering the circumstances at the time of the event (a COVID wave is currently causing people to request sick days and the unusually severe onset of winter is making travelling difficult), it was a complete success.

They were able to welcome some participants at the location and inform them about ShapeMS, as well as online participants.

All of them seemed very interested in the presentation, which was reflected, among other things, in a lively discussion during the meet and greet. This response from the project’s target group encourages us to continue working diligently!



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