On 6 and 15 July 2023, Asociación Caminos had the pleasure to present our project ShapeMS in the multiplier events held in AGDEM (Granada Multiple Sclerosis Association) and the municipal facilities of Cañete la Real (Málaga), in Spain.

Multiplier events are national and transnational conferences, seminars and other events organised with the purpose of disseminating the Project Results produced by a project.

The main goal of the events was to raise awareness on the challenges people with MS have in their daily lives and especially remaining in the workforce, and they were both open to the public.

In this case, throughout the events, we had the opportunity to share the motivation behind the project, its objectives, and also the results we hope to achieve. In addition, we had first-person testimonies from those who attended the event, who were kind enough to share their experience with multiple sclerosis and how this chronic disease has impacted their personal and professional lives.

The next multiplier event, to be held in a few months’ time in Austria, will be on employers and mentorship programme presentation. Keep an eye on ShapeMS social media and this news section if you don’t want to miss anything.

Stay tuned and take action! Join us and help us increase awareness!



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